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Hi gang,

A couple quick thoughts after this episode:

-Is Charlotte a rouge agent or possibly tied to someone else within Delos but running outside normal operations? Strand said they lost a 1/3 of the IP, granted related to a number of bodies that they found so it may or may not be gone for good. But I thought Charlotte loaded up Peter Abernathy with the IP; which I would assume was all of it. It seems like his comment was made as if he didn’t know Peter Abernathy was a backup of sorts, indicating Hale and Strand might not be on the same page. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I feel like this is one way things might ratchet up a notch, by adding another player to the larger game.

But with that 1/3 of the IP lost idea, it underscores the idea of real consequences in more ways. Do Strand et al. almost need to capture the hosts alive or run the risk losing more IP? And if in any way that IP is tied to specific hosts, does it possibly mean the true ‘death’ of those hosts? (True Blood reference not intended!)

-Westworld continues to show us that the lines between host and human become more blurred the closer we look at them. That scene with Clementine was beautiful and haunting. How much ‘Clementine’ was still in there? Does that answer change at all with new ‘Clementine’ standing right next to her? So again, what does it mean to be you? How does that change if part of you is ‘missing’ or even if you are standing next to a copy of yourself? There continue to be examples on both sides how resilient yet fragile we are. And lastly on this, what latent abilities lie within if you can somehow change the programming?

-Emily may not like her father, but as a kid growing up with probably the closest access to an emerging species any kid could have, and whose Dad happened to fall for so hard that it ruined his marriage, she may be running her own version of the ‘free the conscious robots’ game that her Dad ran years. She may even think she is going to mess up his world, unaware of his re-emerging soft spot for the hosts. Think of how kids grow up with tech now; she’d be all into that shit. Hell, she might even think Dolores is her real Mom LOL

I also like the depiction of cultural mirroring that takes place in Westworld and took place in real life between Westerns and Shogun movies. The episode is not without flaws, mind you, but I still think it had a lot of interesting things going on. And hell, they half sawed a head off; Wow!

Thank you and, as always, keep up the great work!

Mike Lehane

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Strand definitely seems to be less in-the-know than Hale and the extraction team. It makes you wonder why he’s even around.

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