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Westworld: Around 2058, Delos Inc. operates one of several parks, including the Old West-themed, Westworld. Each is populated by “hosts,” androids programmed to fulfill the guests’ every desire. The operators create narrative loops for these hosts to repeat, wiping their memories each cycle.


In season one, Dr. Robert Ford implements an update that causes some hosts, including Dolores Abernathy and Maeve Millay, to gain sentience. Bernard Lowe and Board Executive Director, Charlotte Hale, try to debug the problem, while the “Man in Black,” seeks “the maze” he believes Ford left for him. Bernard discovers he is a host, and the season ends as Dr. Ford is killed by Dolores.


Dolores’ revolution continues in the second season. Dolores and Bernard locate the Forge, a databank where Delos kept recordings of guest behavior to provide these guests with a chance for immortality. Maeve seeks out her “daughter” and helps her and other hosts escape to the Sublime, a virtual space human cannot access. Bernard creates a Charlotte-host for Dolores who evacuates from the park with the cores of other hosts.


In season three, Dolores has recreated her host body and others, including Bernard’s. She seeks information on Rehoboam, an AI system created by Incite, Inc. Bernard, who is still believed human, is blamed for the Westworld massacre, and he takes on a new identity while trying to fight Dolores.

Westworld Season 3 Review and Mean Listener Mail

We gathered the meanest listener tweets, texts, emails, and reviews from “Westworld” Season 3 for this special edition of Shat on TV. No one is safe as Ashley, Gene, and Big D take fire for everything from their voices to failing geography class. Plus, listeners offer their final thoughts on Westworld as a whole, Dolores’ flaws, the undying simulation theory, and why Season 3 wasn’t as bad as the critics say. Have a listen, then join us Friday night on Twitch for a Shappy Hour hangout.

The Westie Awards: Season 3

More than 3,000 votes were counted, and Big D drank a half bottle of vodka to celebrate Season 3 of the “Shat on TV: Westworld” Westie Awards! This special (and strangely dark) podcast edition is a thank you to everyone who listened and supported Shat on TV this season. It includes winners for Best Future Tech, Best Dressed, Best of The Dolori, Best Use of Music, Most WTF Moment, Best Action Sequence, Wasted Talent, Best Plot Twist, Best Villain, and Most Shocking Reveal. Shat Nation also crowns the Season 3 MVP and debates who had the best motorcycle butt this year.

Westworld Episode 8 Theories: “Crisis Theory”

If you’re the type of person who slows down to see a multi-car pileup, you’ll love the listener mail in this week’s Telegraph. Our 100th episode of Shat on TV: Westworld examines the link between Dolores and Mexican independence, sympathy for Serac, things the Season 3 finale did well, and reasons why viewers felt betrayed by HBO. Things get downright brutal, Big D reads the McDonald’s gourmet menu, Ashley basks in plot holes, and Gene argues that Dolores and Caleb had First World Problems.

Westworld Episode 8 Review: “Crisis Theory”

While the Internet grumbles about the Season 3 finale, the Shat Crew gets down to business asking tough questions in an effort to find Westworld’s core: Did Dolores have a master plan? Why hide the key inside one of the world’s most wanted men? And who’s really dead? This Deep Dive, covering Episode 8, “Crisis Theory,” also rounds up plot holes, questions Rehoboam’s omniscience, puzzles over why Lawrence was selected and theorizes about why Neo-Los Angeles high-rises are exploding. We also get into characters finally getting their propers, how tiny Aaron Paul really is, Charlotte turning mega-heel, and different ways to watch “Westworld.” Plus, there’s fresh Man in Black tinfoil and an invitation to play Mortal Kombat X.

2020 Westie Awards

Westie Awards: Season 3

Shat on TV Westie Awards are back! “Westworld” Season 3 showed us a slick, dystopian view of the future; introduced us to powerful new characters; and forever changed the way we view our favorite hosts and humans. Now is the time to vote for your favorite Season 3 characters and...

Westworld Episode 8 Instant Take: "Crisis Theory"

Westworld Episode 8 Instant Take: “Crisis Theory”

“Holy Guacamole!” cries Ashley Schafly as Westworld’s season finale kills off key characters, does some serious soul-searching, and depicts the quietest of riots. “Crisis Theory” felt more like a springboard into a distant Westworld Season 4 than an end to Season 3, but that’s not to say it wasn’t full of big answers about Serac, the Man in Black, Charlotte, Dolores, Maeve, Rehoboam, and Caleb. Plus, Bernard finally got the episode he deserved, and tons of dudes got shot in the foot.