Westworld Episode 7 Theories: “Metanoia”

Westworld Episode 7 Theories: “Metanoia”

It’s our longest listener-mail podcast of the season! “Metanoia” was a hit with Westworld fans, triggering voicemail and emails about The Sublime, Teddy, Maeve, and Christina.

In this episode, the full Shat Crew responds to questions about Clementine, learns the difference between worms and snakes, nerds out on social contract philosophy, theorizes on where all the people went, and hears another hilarious ad from Discount Don.

This Telegraph also digs into how “Westworld” will end and why pearls aren’t hidden in hosts’ bums.

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Westworld Episode 7 Summary:
Bernard and Maeve travel to Hoover Dam to open the door to the Sublime, which Charlotte has kept preserved in the dam’s data vault. Christina goes with Teddy to Olympiad Entertainment and has its employees destroy the premises and erase all the stories controlling the humans. Stubbs and Frankie use the distraction to rescue Caleb. Charlotte prepares to discontinue the hosts’ inhabitation of human cities so that they can “transcend” their human bodies. William convinces his host self that humans are a fundamentally destructive species; the William host realizes his true purpose and kills the human William. Bernard and Maeve enter the tower; Maeve fights Charlotte while Bernard accesses the control room. William kills Charlotte, Maeve, and Bernard, then programs the tower to turn the humans against each other before it self-destructs. Christina is unable to stop the chaos and realizes the humans cannot see her; Teddy explains that while the world is real, she is not physically there.

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