Westworld Episode 3 Review: “Annees Folles”

Westworld Episode 3 Review: “Annees Folles”

Excitement and depth returned to “Westworld” in a big way as our favorite host duo—Stubbs and Bernard—began their quest to save humanity. In this Season 4 Episode 3 Deep Dive, the Shat Crew explores what Bernard saw in his Sublime visions and how that impacts our perception of time.

We also rejoin Maeve to explore the new park, ask what makes Caleb so special (again), dissect the science behind the flies and the low-frequency resonance generator, and debate whether we just saw a grown-up Frankie.

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Westworld Episode 3 Summary:
Maeve and Caleb find the Temperance park to follow events similar to Westworld and sneak in among killed hosts to enter the maintenance areas. There, Maeve senses something is still off as Dolores’ attack on Westworld is also mimicked, and they find yet another level where it appears human captives are forced to act on sound, killing themselves. Bernard meets Akecheta in the Sublime, who informs him of the infinite possibilities that lead to destruction but one path which doesn’t. Bernard wakes, years later in the real world. He and Ashley follow steps that Bernard sees as taking the right path, including meeting up with a human resistance to find a weapon. Uwade and Frankie pack to leave their home with the help of Caleb’s friend Carver. Frankie senses something is wrong with Carver and finds the human Carver’s dead body. Telling her mom, the two hide from the fake Carver and kill him. Caleb discovers Frankie as one of the test subjects, but Maeve discovers too late there is something off, and Frankie is revealed as a host, exposing Caleb to the droning sound of flies.

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2 Responses

  1. Polly Puffington says:

    Can you guys touch on Stubbs for a moment this upcoming week? Who fixed Stubbs? he was damaged and powering down in the motel bathtub last time we saw him and now he’s up and running about 20 years later with no explanation.

  2. Bibbs says:

    My theory is that Christina is inside of what used to be rehoboam. It erased itself and Dolores memories, but I think that her intelligence is inside that giant black testicle. I believe that she is in a simulation doing something similar to what rehoboam was doing which is creating and writing futures.
    When the flies get inside peoples brain, I think that that black goo is acting like a scanner like the westworld hats, scanning your mind and hale is putting them in something like the simulation Maeve was in at season 3, which I think is the type of simulation Christina is operating in. I think Hale”s ultimate goal is to put humanity into perpetual suffering that can last forever, like hell. When their brains are scanned, they are put in that simulation thinking they’re still living in the real world while their real human body is under control by that frequency. Once they kill themselves or get murdered, they’re consciousness lives in the simulation to have bad stories written for them so they can suffer. While Hale replaces the real world with hosts.
    I’m not sure about Bernard, his story seems pretty straight forward for now. But on a side note I have a strange suspicion that Hale has been keeping the man in black alive do he can live to see their new world in person. I think she’ll preserve William for as long as possible.

    The simulation theory is far fetched, and probably not the case, but that Peter dude looked, sounded like and even had the same suicide methods as Caleb. Jumping off of shit. I think that was Caleb in the simulation but she doesn’t recognize him or know him as Caleb due to her memory wipe. He looks and sounds different to Christina, and we saw Caleb from Christina’s perspective.

    I don’t know guys, but I love this shit. I love talking about it and thinking about it. Thanks for doing what you do. I wish more people talked about this show..


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