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Taboo FX is a British television drama programme produced by Scott Free London and Hardy Son & Baker for BBC One and FX. The show premiered on BBC One in the United Kingdom on 7 January 2017, followed by the United States premiere on FX on 10 January 2017. The programme was renewed for a second series in March 2017.


It was created by Steven Knight, Tom Hardy, and his father, Edward “Chips” Hardy, and is based on a story written by Tom and Chips Hardy. The eight-part series, set in 1814, begins with James Delaney (Tom Hardy) returning to England after twelve years in Africa with fourteen stolen diamonds, following the death of his father and as the war with the United States is nearing its end.


Kristoffer Nyholm and Anders Engström each directed four episodes of the first series. The music was composed by Max Richter. The show has received generally favourable reviews, with critics praising Hardy’s performance. Two more series are planned.

Zilpha Geary isn’t dead. She’s Taboo’s most important character

Zilpha Geary’s suicide scene pissed off a lot of “Taboo” fans. We witnessed her grow over six episodes, cheered when she pushed a needle through Thorne’s heart and gasped when James finally rejected her love. And then the show’s writers threw her off a bridge. Oona Chaplin didn’t have a...

Taboo FX Episode 8 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 8 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 8 Theories While the “Taboo” finalewas mostly well received by the Twitter audience, it also triggered strong feelings from citizens of Shat Nation: anger over Zilpha’s death, frustration over plot holes, curiosity about James Delaney’s mental state, and hope for a “Taboo” season 2 and beyond. Roger,...

Taboo FX Episode 8 Review

Taboo FX Episode 8 Review

Taboo FX Episode 8 Review The “Taboo” finale thrilled us with swashbuckling fun, explosive performances and the answers to many key questions. But it also left us wondering if the show could be streamlined and whether certain plot points made any sense. Who deserved to live? Who should have died?...

Taboo FX Episode 7 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 7 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 7 Theories Will James Keziah Delaney die in the “Taboo” season finale? Will the League of The Damned escape to America? Is Sir Stuart Strange secretly an ally? With “Taboo” Season One’s final episode just days away, viewers write in with their final theories, reflections and hopes....

Tabboo FX Epidode 7 Anna

Taboo FX Episode 7 Review

Taboo FX Episode 7 Review Is James Delaney preparing to die? “Taboo” Episode 7 answered a lot of lingering questions but left Tom Hardy in the greatest danger we’ve seen in this FX thriller. With one episode to go, let’s review all the pieces in motion, the characters in peril...

Taboo FX Episode 6

Taboo FX Episode 6 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 6 Theories This week’s “Taboo” theories center around the ladies as listeners write in about Zilpha’s and James’ sex scene, Anna Delaney’s intent in submerging her son and who killed Winter. Tom Hardy’s grunt supercut makes its “Taboo River Rants” debut, and we debate a second season...


Taboo FX Episode 6 Review

Taboo FX Episode 6 Review Still loving “Taboo”? You might be in the minority. As FX’s “Legion” launches and Tom Hardy’s drama turns darker, some viewers are jumping ship. Hear why some fans are grumbling and why others are jumping to the defense of “Taboo.” This Taboo FX edition of...

Taboo FX Episode 5 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 5 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 5 Theories The only way our Taboo listener mail would be better is if Coop delivered them to our doorstep, himself! In this week’s edition of ‘River Rants’ the fans look back on Episode 5 and ask such questions as: Who was that long haired individual outside...