Taboo FX Episode 7 Review

Tabboo FX Epidode 7 Anna
Tabboo FX Epidode 7 Anna

Taboo FX Episode 7 Review

Is James Delaney preparing to die? “Taboo” Episode 7 answered a lot of lingering questions but left Tom Hardy in the greatest danger we’ve seen in this FX thriller. With one episode to go, let’s review all the pieces in motion, the characters in peril and the mysteries solved.
This edition of “Taboo FX” explores Chichester working with James, Brace’s confession in poisoning Horace, James’ coldness toward Zilpha, Lorna Bow playing a bigger role and the evolving nature of James’ visions.

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2 Responses

  1. Sissy Scrogum says:

    I hope James doesn’t die. Talking bout grunts he does the most but everyone grunted. I love this review that ya’ll do, and enjoy the different interpretations. Most definitely get 5 stars from us here in this small hick town in Texas.

  1. January 20, 2018

    […] Taboo (you’ve mentioned that you might, and the plot sounds interesting ) […]

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