Taboo FX Episode 8 Review

Taboo FX Episode 8 Review
Taboo FX Episode 8 Review

Taboo FX Episode 8 Review

The “Taboo” finale thrilled us with swashbuckling fun, explosive performances and the answers to many key questions. But it also left us wondering if the show could be streamlined and whether certain plot points made any sense.

Who deserved to live? Who should have died? What’s the plan now, and will there be a Taboo Season 2? Slap on your top hat and swim trunks, and let’s take one last Deep Dive together.

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5 Responses

  1. Sissy Scrogum says:

    Taboo to me is a show that is a ” thinker” and I love it. Especially if your a history nut. I also think that it is one that I can’t wait for the next episode. I hope there is a Season 2. I do agree with you guys about it being sometimes difficult to understand, grasp who is who. Why do ya’ll always mention West world? I watched all the episodes and it wasn’t thrilling or hard to figure out what was going to happen next. Just my opinion but it was just a run of the mill new series of episodes for a new show hoping to go on and on. Love ya’ll s different opinions and theories, great podcast . Thanks. I will keep listening in the future! Sissy ( from a small town in Texas )

    • Gene Lyons says:

      Hi Sissy! We mention “Westworld” a lot because that’s where we got our start as a TV podcast. Before “Westworld,” Dick and Rog just did movies, and I hadn’t joined the crew.

  2. Adam Shuler says:

    Great podcast! Listening as a companion to taboo made the entire experience more enjoyable. I also listened to Westworld podcast. Keep up the good work.

  1. March 7, 2017

    […] the time we reached Episode 8, James had grown into a grunting, violent, resourceful man with some mental health issues and hints […]

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