Westworld Episode 9 Theories: “Vanishing Point”

Westworld Episode 9 Theories Vanishing Point
Westworld Episode 9 Theories Vanishing Point

Westworld Episode 9 Theories: “Vanishing Point”

Your three original “Westworld” podcast hosts are back with a bursting mailbag as the Season 2’s finale looms on the horizon.

This week’s Telegraph includes:

  • Is William a host?
  • Was Juliet’s reaction reasonable?
  • Self-mutilation
  • Father of The Year Awards
  • An unhealthy amount of “LOST” references
  • and a theory about the podcast itself

Plus, hear voicemail from your favorite podcast guests and learn about a new feature we’re unveiling for Sunday’s Instacast.

Westworld Episode 9 Summary:
“Vanishing Point” As Emily treats William’s wounds, she asks him why Juliet committed suicide. In a flashback, it is revealed that Juliet killed herself after she viewed a file detailing all of William’s past actions in Westworld. In the present, William slowly begins to go insane and shoots Emily under the belief she is a host sent by Ford. Realizing too late that she is human, William considers committing suicide before he starts cutting open his own arm. In the Mesa, Charlotte’s men manage to use Maeve’s code to reprogram Clementine, allowing her to control other hosts as well. Bernard escapes the Mesa with Elsie, but Ford continues to goad Bernard into killing Elsie to prevent her from betraying him in the future. Bernard deletes Ford from his mind and parts ways with Elsie, continuing on to the Valley alone. Ford leaves a message for Maeve, telling her he will help her escape. Dolores and Teddy continue their journey to the Valley, but Teddy tells Dolores that he cannot accept Dolores’ actions and the way he was reprogrammed, and commits suicide.

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  1. Brendan Costello says:

    Driver Bob sounds like the “Central Scrutinizer” from “Joe’s Garage”!

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