Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: “Decoherence”


Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: “Decoherence”

What a save! Episode 6 seemed to pump the brakes on all of Season 3’s momentum in the opening minutes but finished with a real bang as our Westworld warriors found violent new motivations that set the stage for an explosive finale.

Big D loved the William group therapy session, and Ash was intrigued by the changes happening in Charlores. Gene just relished Decoherence’s multiple bloodbaths and incredible action sequences starring Tessa Thompson.

Going into Tuesday’s Deep Dive, the Shat Crew touches lightly on William’s blood tracker, the mystery hosts being printed, and how far the Dolori can stray from their maker.

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Westworld Episode 6 Summary: “Decoherence”
Serac recovers Martin’s pearl and places it in the Warworld simulation, while Maeve is also returned to the simulation to question Martin about Dolores’ plans while a new body is made for her. Serac also orders two other hosts—Hector and one other—be made. Charlotte tries to prevent Serac from seizing control of Delos and resorts to poisoning the Delos board and stealing the host data from Delos’ servers. She destroys Hector’s pearl during her escape. Charlotte tries to run with her son and ex-husband, but Serac has them killed with a car bomb; a disfigured Charlotte survives. Bernard and Ashley locate Serac’s facility in Mexico, where they find William. William has been subjected to an experimental alternative reality therapy where he confronts and kills previous versions of himself, coming to realize he is the “good guy”. Maeve’s pearl is placed in a new body and she watches as the third host emerges from the tank.

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2 Responses

  1. Bridges Baker says:

    Hey guys! Just discovered the podcast this season! Where the hell have I been? Oh yeah, working full-time and raising kids… But I’ve had some time to myself of late and I happened upon you guys and I love your dynamic. Now for my thoughts on Westworld – Ep 6 Decoherence.

    I loved it. I loved that it delved farther into the area of nature versus nurture with the idea of each Dolori experiencing different things and those experiences changing each one. We know this happens because we see Delores “change her mind” about the valley of the great beyond in Season 2. She alters and adapts and we see each version of her doing that, though each rendition does have certain traits that will not be lost. Damn, that burnt up Charlores looks like she could take out anyone, including Dolores Prime. Hell, including Optimus Prime. I’m scared of her right now. I think they all should be.

    I may be alone here but I totally get Maeve going back to War World. Perhaps it’s my understanding of programming but knowing that she is being moved and prepared for a new body, it seems only natural that she would be placed in a place of “stasis” where she has control. In this story section we find out more intimately what the plan is and who her help will be. I find it very useful and not wasteful in the story telling at all. It seems like a natural flow to me, but I am strange and I can see where it would put some people off.

    I did not like the group therapy scene that much. I like the idea of it but I think it is very difficult to bring out such heady material into the physical for us to experience. So I do not think that type of scene would ever really live up to expectation.Most would agree one cannot bully their way through emotions and dealing with baggage. And if you are doing it metaphorically, it would be a very real bloodbath, which is not what we got. So I didn’t appreciate it very much because I do not think it adequately portrayed the actual struggle William is experiencing very well. Though, the highlight was Stubs and Bernard at the end!

    So I say all of that to lay out my foil theory about Serac. I have not yet figured out why or when, but I think Serac IS the brother he is referring to in his memories. I think it is significant that he says “His brother wanted to kill Liam’s father” and then he just does it so matter of factly. I think it would be odd that the brother that got Serac out of France and took care of him would be so easily over taken by Serac. It does not seem plausible to me. Paul Mi is the one that said “Let go of the things of the past” according to Serac’s memories and Serac says it again when explaining reprogramming of people to Liam’s dad. Also, on a side note, I feel like those glass rooms were not glass at all. I think they were total rooms just like those special glasses that immerse into memories, etc. So either Paul Mi has reprogrammed Serac or he has assumed his identity and left the “real” Serac to be reprogrammed. Serac mentions that “his brother”i was messing with the system. I think he was trying to show him that humanity would survive without control. “Serac” didn’t want that up to chance.

  2. Steve Morse says:

    Hello and thanks for your podcasts.
    Overall I have liked this season very much. It keeps us in as much suspense about Caleb as Season 1 did about what Delores was going through.
    And we really don’t know who the “good guys” will turn out to be because all the major players have motives that tap audience sympathy. Before watching Episode 6, I watched Bladerunner The Final Cut, just to compare perspectives in the world of Replicants and in the world of hosts.
    In this latest episode, Decoherence, Tessa Thompson nailed it again with a range of believable emotions: nervousness, vulnerability, arrogance, compassion, and stone cold efficiency.
    I thought the episode moved a lot of characters to a more ordered plot line even in the face of the new chaos of their world. My only beef is Maeve’s storyline. Her character has been, and promised to be, essential to the plot; and as an example of diversity in how hosts may develop self-awareness and how sentience can guide their programming, rather than programming being the guide. But the past two episodes with Maeve have disappointed me. Her character has been diminished. Rather than being resurrected even more kick-ass, Maeve seems even more vulnerable to manipulation and her actions more tedious. I also thought the primal scream she loosed at Hector’s demise was really out of character. Was that outburst from grief and loss of Hector, or at the realization of her own hopelessness?
    So many other things to ponder in the episode: Halores’s divergence from Delores.
    William’s declaration that he is a “good guy,” but only in the AR world.
    What chaos is Bernard referencing when he and Stubbs find William in the treatment room?
    At what point in the series did we find out that the pearls control hosts remotely? I thought those pearls were all implanted in the hosts’ heads.
    And so fragile? Teddy shoots himself in the head and his pearl is intact, but Halores can powder Hector’s with grip? Hmm.

    Much more to think about, but it’s still my favorite series. And you folks are doing so much to keep up the discussion.

    Steve M

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