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Rodrigo Santoro

Actor | Soundtrack | Producer
One of Brazil’s most talented and famous actors, Rodrigo Junqueira dos Reis Santoro was born in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Maria José Junqueira dos Reis, an artist, and Francesco Santoro, an engineer. His father is Italian, while his mother, who is Brazilian, has Portuguese ancestry. Santoro is known for his performance in Warner Bros. …See full bio »

Westworld Episode 4 Theories: “Generation Loss”

The full Shat Crew has gathered for its first three-host Telegraph of Westworld Season 4, responding to a record 20 voicemails and emails about Episode 4: “Generation Loss.” In this listener-mail episode, we cover outlandish theories on Christina, frustrated opinions on Caleb and detailed looks at the ruins of Prohibitionworld....

Westworld Episode 4 Review: “Generation Loss”

Westworld Episode 4 Review: “Generation Loss” Episode 4 put the puzzle pieces together for “Westworld” Season 4, giving us a clearer picture of what’s happening and what’s to come. In this Deep Dive episode, the Shat Crew looks into the series’ central question: What is it to be human? Gene...

Westworld Episode 4 Instant Take: “Generation Loss”

Westworld Episode 4 Instant Take: “Generation Loss” So many answers! So many deaths! So much Caleb! “Generation Loss” built on Episode 3’s momentum and paved the runway for an exciting second half to Season 4. What some saw as “yeah duh” moments, the Shat Crew considered sorely needed solid ground...

Westworld Episode 1 Theories: “The Auguries”

Westworld Episode 1 Theories: “The Auguries” This week’s listener voicemail and letters mostly seemed to focus on two big topics: Who is Christina, and are we in a simulation? And while it’s too soon to tell, the tinfoil is coming in hot. Season 4, Episode 1 also had listeners thinking...

Westworld Episode 1 Review: “The Auguries”

Westworld Episode 1 Review: “The Auguries” “Westworld” is back, and a lot has changed in the seven years since we’ve seen Maeve, Caleb, William and Dolo … err, Christina. Ash and Gene are here to dive straight into the meaning of the episode title, the changes to the “Westworld” opening...

Westworld Episode 1 Instant Take: “The Auguries”

Westworld Episode 1 Instant Take: “The Auguries” It’s quiet. Too quiet. “Westworld” Season 4 kicked off with William up to some dastardly deeds, but things quickly became muted as the story seemed to parallel parts Season 1 and parts “The Matrix Resurrections.” We also got some elements of Caleb playing...


Westworld Episode 6 Review: “Decoherence”

It only took six episodes, but Gene finally has tinfoil! Find out why he thinks Charlotte Hale was acting weird, and hear Big D’s far more plausible explanation. Ashley adds to the mix with a breakdown of William’s WWE group therapy, and we round out coverage of Westworld Season 3, Episode 6, by discussing the identities of the hosts being printed at Delos. In this “Decoherence” Deep Dive, the Shat Crew also delves into William’s mysterious blood protein, Charlotte’s incredible outfit, one particularly familiar orderly, and who was behind the car bombing that shocked us all.


Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: “Decoherence”

What a save! Episode 6 seemed to pump the brakes on all of Season 3’s momentum in the opening minutes but finished with a real bang as our Westworld warriors found violent new motivations that set the stage for an explosive finale. Big D loved the William group therapy session, and Ash was intrigued by the changes happening in Charlores. Gene just relished Decoherence’s multiple bloodbaths and incredible action sequences starring Tessa Thompson. Going into Tuesday’s Deep Dive, the Shat Crew touches lightly on William’s blood tracker, the mystery hosts being printed, and how far the Dolori can stray from their maker.