Westworld Episode 4 Theories: “Generation Loss”

The full Shat Crew has gathered for its first three-host Telegraph of Westworld Season 4, responding to a record 20 voicemails and emails about Episode 4: “Generation Loss.”

In this listener-mail episode, we cover outlandish theories on Christina, frustrated opinions on Caleb and detailed looks at the ruins of Prohibitionworld.

Listeners Jenn and Discount Don present ideas so nice we had to hear them twice, and our old friend Emmett beautifully impersonates Thandiwe Newton.

Plus, there’s email about Clementine, a Westworld video game and even Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower.”

Listen to more great music from Simon: www.soundcloud.com/simonsteric

Westworld Episode 4 Summary:
Christina’s roommate Maya sets her up on a date with “Teddy”. Charlotte explains to Caleb that she is using the Temperance park to infect humans with a parasite that allows them to be controlled by sound. Maeve and Caleb abduct Charlotte. As they flee the park, Maeve recounts to Caleb that after he was wounded during their mission to eliminate the final copy of Rehoboam, Maeve left him in the care of Uwade – a nurse at the time – and only attempted to remotely reach out to him years later, which enabled Charlotte to find them. They take shelter at a nearby park expansion area, where Caleb calls for help. William arrives and mortally wounds Maeve, but she triggers explosives that kill them both and knock out Caleb. When Caleb awakens, Charlotte reveals that he is a host who has been reliving the moments leading to his death 23 years prior. Caleb discovers that he is actually in New York City, whose entire population has since fallen under Charlotte’s control. Bernard and the adult Frankie (who is part of the rebel group) excavate Maeve’s body at the site of the explosion in the desert.

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