Westworld Episode 6 Review: “Decoherence”


Westworld Episode 6 Review: “Decoherence”

It only took six episodes, but Gene finally has tinfoil! Find out why he thinks Charlotte Hale was acting weird, and hear Big D’s far more plausible explanation. Ashley adds to the mix with a breakdown of William’s WWE group therapy, and we round out coverage of Westworld Season 3, Episode 6, by discussing the identities of the hosts being printed at Delos.

In this “Decoherence” Deep Dive, the Shat Crew also delves into William’s mysterious blood protein, Charlotte’s incredible outfit, one particularly familiar orderly, and who was behind the car bombing that shocked us all.

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Westworld Episode 6 Summary:
Serac recovers Martin’s pearl and places it in the Warworld simulation, while Maeve is also returned to the simulation to question Martin about Dolores’ plans while a new body is made for her. Serac also orders two other hosts—Hector and one other—be made. Charlotte tries to prevent Serac from seizing control of Delos and resorts to poisoning the Delos board and stealing the host data from Delos’ servers. She destroys Hector’s pearl during her escape. Charlotte tries to run with her son and ex-husband, but Serac has them killed with a car bomb; a disfigured Charlotte survives. Bernard and Ashley locate Serac’s facility in Mexico, where they find William. William has been subjected to an experimental alternative reality therapy where he confronts and kills previous versions of himself, coming to realize he is the “good guy”. Maeve’s pearl is placed in a new body and she watches as the third host emerges from the tank.

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3 Responses

  1. Christopher says:

    Sorry this comment is late I had to play catch-up. That said, I think a gathering of Delores or Delori should be called a splender. Great work!

  2. Elaine NYC says:

    At one point inside the Delos bldg, Charlotte calls Dolores and tells her that “the tracker in our friend paid off, I’ve got the location you’re looking for” (around the 36 minutes mark) and then Bernard and Stubbs locate William. So I assumed that William’s location was passed on to Bernard/Stubbs (either Dolores has some backdoor access to Bernard or Stubbs is Dolores’s mole and that is why Bernard conveniently found him in the basement of Sector 17). Dolores can also facilitate travel for our fugitive Bernard so it didn’t surprise me that he got into Mexico. Anyway, that was my thought, not that Bernard and Stubbs are suddenly Sherlock and Holmes.

    I’m a long time listener and love your podcasts. This is my first time commenting though.

  3. Steve Morse says:


    I think that since Halores’s “family” was destroyed by humans, she will ally herself more closely with Delores. How can she think anyone but Serac was responsible? Her storyline sure got boost with that explosion.

    It’s weird that Connels had no other life than as the corporation guy, yet Halores has both work and private lives. Did Connels never leave the building…until the blow-up?

    Just a couple little observations.

    Thanks for all you are doing, Westworldwise and Realworldwise.

    Steve M

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