Westworld Episode 1 Instant Take: “The Auguries”

Westworld Episode 1 Instant Take: “The Auguries”

It’s quiet. Too quiet.

“Westworld” Season 4 kicked off with William up to some dastardly deeds, but things quickly became muted as the story seemed to parallel parts Season 1 and parts “The Matrix Resurrections.”

We also got some elements of Caleb playing Hawkeye (I’ve gotta leave my family to protect them) in a season premiere that felt unlike any “Westworld” Episode 1 we’ve ever seen.  Hear a sneak preview of what we’ll be covering in Tuesday’s Deep Dive, and help us spot the Easter eggs littered around “The Auguries.”

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Westworld Episode 1 Summary:
A host copy of William manipulates the owner of the Hoover Dam, which now houses a large data vault that contains data he wants from eight years ago, to give it to him for free before killing himself. In New York City, Christina works as a writer at Olympiad Entertainment, creating stories for the non-player characters in video games. She is repeatedly called by a man named Peter, who claims she is controlling his life, and proves it by jumping to his death in front of her. Maeve, living in a remote area, is discovered by hosts that she kills and discovers were sent by William. She drives to California to stop another host from killing Caleb and his new family. Caleb goes with Maeve to protect the next target. Back in New York City, Christina wishes to write a story with a happy ending before retiring, unaware she is being watched by someone resembling Teddy from below.

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