Westworld Episode 7 Review: “Les Ecorches”

Westworld Episode 7 Review: "Les Ecorches"
Westworld Episode 7 Review: "Les Ecorches"

Westworld Episode 7 Review: “Les Ecorches”

Westworld Season 2 Episode 7 pulled the curtain from the Valley Beyond, so let’s venture there and explore its implications. We’ll tell you where it is, what’s being stored there, and how Dolores can use it to battle mankind.

We’ll also meet Farnold (or Fernarnold), the star of “Les Ecorches,” and celebrate how intelligently Westworld re-introduced Ford’s control to the series.

Don’t forget Maeve and Sizemore! Can we call them friends? Big D makes a pretty good case while Gene bids a teary farewell to Peter Abernathy.

And finally, we’ll go frame-by-frame through Bernard’s rapid flashback at the end of the episode. Trust us, it’s worth the painstaking dissection. Big ol’ meaty hints.

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Westworld Episode 7 Summary:
“Les Ecorches” Strand, Charlotte and Stubbs discover Bernard is a host and interrogate him about Dolores’ attack on the Mesa. In flashback, Bernard finds Ford’s persona among the other hosts’ backup memories in the Cradle. Ford reveals that Westworld was an attempt to create a digital consciousness and grant immortality. Ford imprints himself on Bernard’s control unit and exits the simulation where he has Bernard aid in Dolores’ takeover of the Mesa. Angela kills herself to destroy the Cradle while Dolores finds Peter, who has regained his memories. She cuts him open to retrieve the control module. In the park, Maeve hides with her daughter from Akecheta but is found by William, who thinks she is another test by Ford. She turns his men against him, but before they can kill William, Delos forces alerted by Lee arrive and incapacitate her, while the Ghost Nation ride off with her daughter. Lee has Maeve returned to the Mesa, where Dolores warns her about her memories of her daughter being a means of controlling her. In the present, Bernard reveals the location of Peter’s control unit in the same place they first found him: the Valley Beyond.

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8 Responses

  1. Mo from Philly says:

    I know we’re starting to go deeper into the concept of immortality so here’s a question: what’s the point of being immortal if you don’t know that you’re immortal?

    But the only way to know you’re immortal is if you suffer a fatality (e.g., gunshots) and you survive AND you remember surviving the fatality.

    The hosts are physically immortal but they don’t know that they are immortal because they don’t remember fatally suffering and recovering. Once they start to remember fatally suffering and surviving then they start to realize they are immortal (e.g., dolores and maeve).

    What if what delos really does is turn humans into hosts and then somehow removes the knowledge of their immortality so that they can monetize the physical assets by having them live in these loops that they don’t remember?

    And i wonder if the key in Abernathy’s head unlocks the hosts’ knowledge about their immortality. Delos the corporation would not want that to happen because then what would be the fun (and therefore revenue) in westworld? Imagine trying to kill a host that just won’t die…

  2. Bill in Toronto says:

    Hi R-G-BD
    I have a theory about The Valley Beyond. Someone mentioned that the Valley is where the Sea is that separates Westworld from Rajworld

    Here is my theory…and what it is too. (but I understand if it is not new to anybody)

    We see that in some time line the town with the church steeple is flooded.
    In this season we see what looks like the immediate aftermath of that flooding (floating hosts).

    I think the big earth movers were performing an unnatural version of the creation of the Mediterranean Sea. Gibraltar held back the Atlantic Ocean for a long time until it finally breached, and flooded the Mediterranean Basin. Apparently the Atlantic Ocean dropped 10 meters in that event.

    If the earth movers opened a channel between the Sea and the Western valley that could potentially lower the level of the Sea enough to reveal something very special indeed.

    Love the show guys

    Here is a video of the process.

    I have a theory about the

  3. kitty says:

    Big D I think you meant to say Maeve’s love for her daughter not Dolores. 🙂

  4. Kevin Ryan says:

    How does Ford know or planned Maeve to get shot ? If they don’t get shot mib is dead.


    • Greg says:

      Ford used Ghost Nation to guide them both at the same location and knew a QA team was on their way. Maeve and other hosts have the capability to shoot to kill, but as we seen since the last episode of season one, they only shoot William to injure him. We can assume Ford would have engaged the safety on Maeve and Lawrence guns if QA had been late. And this is assuming the MIB is human and not the first successful human-host hybrid with Grace and the hosts testing him for fidelity.

    • Bill in Toronto says:

      I’m starting to side with team “MIB is a Host”
      Too resilient.

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