Westworld Episode 5 Theories: “Akane no Mai”

Westworld Episode 5 Theories Akane no Mai
Westworld Episode 5 Theories Akane no Mai

Westworld Episode 5 Theories: “Akane no Mai”

Where did the Man in Black actually start? Where did William end? Can techs adjust “woke” hosts’ settings? And is “Westworld” borrowing from Dune?”

You’ve got Season 2 questions, and we’ve got Season 2 answers as the Westworld Telegraph shares listener mail about Episode 5, “Akane no Mai.”

One listener wrote in with proof Ghost Nation is a security feature of Westworld, and another explained how the dressing-room-to-train trick worked in Season 1.

Plus, we hear the spookiest Telegraph voice mail of all time and get our first Westworld butt dial.

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Westworld Episode 5 Summary:
“Akane No Mai” In Westworld, Dolores questions what to do with Teddy. She concludes that he is a decent person but his decency makes him a liability and has him reprogrammed against his will. At the edge of the park, Maeve’s party is captured and escorted into a shogunate-themed park designed to be more extreme than Westworld called Shogunworld. They are taken to a nearby town where they meet Akane, a geisha who plays a similar role to Maeve. Akane is negotiating with a local shogun, but when she kills the shogun’s emissary, he retaliates by sending ninjas to kidnap her daughter Sakura and samurai to subjugate the town. During the attack, Maeve forces a ninja to kill himself without voicing a command. Maeve, Akane and Lee infiltrate the shogun’s camp to rescue Sakura and find the shogun is damaged and unstable. Akane kills the shogun after he kills Sakura and Maeve wordlessly forces his samurai to turn on one another. She, Akane and Lee regroup as the shogun’s army attack the camp.

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2 Responses

  1. Lee J. Yott says:

    With the changes to Teddy in this episode I believe the writers are essentially bringing back the murderous gunslinger antagonist of the original 1970’s movie. The gunslinger who tracked you down in the horror vein of Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers.

  2. Greg says:

    To answer Pat’s question about using the tablet to change the Dolore’s settings. I think it was answered in the first season when Felix and Sylvester were looking at Maeve’s settings and said some required higher administrative clearance to change or undo. If this was so easy, they would have dialed her down to control her. And as Dolores operates on the Wyatt narrative programmed by Ford, the tech wouldn’t have the authority to change to it. That’s the way I see it. Hope it helps, have a nice weekend.

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