Westworld Episode 6 Review: “Fidelity”

Westworld Episode 6 Review: “Fidelity”

Caleb fans got a dark and juicy episode this week as “Westworld” Season 4, Episode 6 peered into why Charlores hostified him, why love matters and how hope can be weaponized.

“Fidelity” also illustrated Charlores’ growing frustration, her cruelty, problems among the ranks of The Cause, and a bit more Westworld geography.

In this Deep Dive edition, Ash and Big D also discuss how informed Charlores actually is, the science of rats, and the simple fact that “C is for Cookie.”

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Westworld Episode 6 Summary:
Charlotte interrogates the latest host copy of Caleb to understand why he was the first human outlier. She tells him that Frankie is still alive and that he has hours before his host body degrades. Caleb finds a way out of his holding cell, and discovers the corpses of previous host copies of himself who died while trying to escape. He reaches an antenna and sends an apology to Frankie before collapsing; Charlotte reveals she engineered his escape, but is disappointed his message to Frankie revealed nothing about how the outliers supposedly infect hosts. Caleb asserts that the suicidal hosts are merely trying to escape Charlotte’s control. Charlotte kills and replaces the Caleb host. Bernard and Frankie repair Maeve’s body while transferring her data to a newer host control module. Bernard warns Frankie that one of her team members has been replaced with a host copy. Frankie discovers it was her team leader, Jay, who attacks her. As she overhears Caleb’s apology on the radio, Maeve steps in and kills host Jay.

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1 Response

  1. Adriane says:

    I am so happy that Westworld is back because I get to listen to you guys again! Love your podcast!
    While listening to episode 6 recast I had to pause twice to make comments. Here they are:
    1 – about Hales choices : Hale is not trying to defeat the resistance. She doesn’t see them as physical threat. She probably knows where they are all the time and she could kill them if she wanted to. But she doesn’t. Her plan is to learn what makes them special to avoid future breaches. They are a controlled experiment on how breaches behave and how to avoid them completely. They are more valuable to her alive because they can produce data to help her understand and solve the problem.
    2 – about Bernard not creating a strategy to allow him to confirm Stubs is not a replacement : I have two theories about this one. One is that he ran that strategy in the simulation and the end results were catastrophic and the second one is that the authors based Bernard storyline on the book Foundation. In that book the people who live in the Foundation are kept in the dark on what is really going on to guarantee that the events will play out as planned with as little interaction as possible. The person who planned it knew that the more a person interfere with the play the harder it would be to predict the outcome. Bernard needs real life to play itself so he can continue to predict it.

    And that’s it ! Thanks guys

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