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Westworld Episode 7 Theories: “Passed Pawn”

“Westworld” Episode 7’s Telegraph has more laughs per minute than anything we’ve done this season. Listeners wrote and called in about Maeve’s story arc, the real Dolores Prime, illogical fight scenes, EMPs, passed pawns, and French accents. You guys really can’t let go of the accents. In this mailbag edition of Shat on TV, we also cover “Neuromancer,” exploding arms, minority roles in 2052, and whether Dolores and Maeve are just messing with each other. Also, Caleb takes center stage as Shat Nation points out similarities to Teddy and other clues to his purpose.

Westworld Episode 7 Review: “Passed Pawn”

Westworld Season, 3, Episode 7, revealed a massive clue to Caleb’s true identity. If you missed it, you aren’t alone. If you want to know what it is, you’ll have to listen. This week’s Deep Dive covers Solomon’s definition of an outlier, robo smelling salts, super-crappy targeting systems, EMP blasts, Ashley’s Mortal Kombat tournament, and a long list of fascinating callbacks to previous episodes and seasons. “Passed Pawn” also led us to question which podcast host has the best Shat voice, why Maeve is getting the short end of the stick, and how to play chess like an Ash.

Westworld Episode 7 Instant Take: “Passed Pawn”

We wanted the scoop on Caleb Nichols’ background, and boy did we get it. Westworld Season 3, Episode 7, delivered detailed history, gave Solomon a voice, revealed the dark secrets behind Serac’s grand plan, and gave us a bloody showdown for good measure. Our instant-reaction episode also includes the Three Stooges Road Trip, security personnel shortages, and one very lonely AI. Listen now and subscribe to catch our Deep Dive on Tuesday.

Westworld Episode 6 Theories: "Phase Space"

Westworld Episode 6 Theories: “Phase Space”

Westworld Episode 6 Theories: “Phase Space” First, disenchanted viewers turned their guns on “Westworld.” Now, frustrated listeners are setting their sights on us. From who Elsie actually is, to the Man in Black’s conversation with Emily, to Emily’s real name, you had a lot to say about Season 2 Episode...

Westworld Episode 6 Review: “Phase Space”

Westworld Episode 6 Review: “Phase Space”

Westworld Episode 6 Review: “Phase Space” Westworld’s entire reality has changed, and that means all we thought we knew means squat. So we’re diving deep without a tether and hoping we find hidden treasures in Episode 6, “Phase Space.” This Deep Dive explores whether Grace or the Man in Black...

Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: "Phase Space"

Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: “Phase Space”

Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: “Phase Space” We’re halfway through Season 2, but Westworld isn’t showing any signs of fatigue as they blow up some popular early theories, while introducing even more. Gene & Kerri are in Los Angeles celebrating Gene’s birthday, so Rog & Big D are left in...

Westworld Episode 5 Theories Akane no Mai

Westworld Episode 5 Theories: “Akane no Mai”

Westworld Episode 5 Theories: “Akane no Mai” Where did the Man in Black actually start? Where did William end? Can techs adjust “woke” hosts’ settings? And is “Westworld” borrowing from Dune?” You’ve got Season 2 questions, and we’ve got Season 2 answers as the Westworld Telegraph shares listener mail about...

Westworld Episode 5 Review Akane No Mai

Westworld Episode 5 Review: “Akane No Mai”

Westworld Episode 5 Review: “Akane No Mai” Throwaway episode? Shut your geisha mouth! Shogun World wasn’t the only interesting thing about Episode 5. “Akane no Mai” also put to rest several viewer theories and established a pecking order among characters. Walk with us as we outline Dolores’ secret game plan,...