Westworld Episode 7 Instant Take: “Passed Pawn”

Westworld Episode 7 Instant Take: “Passed Pawn”

We wanted the scoop on Caleb Nichols’ background, and boy did we get it. Westworld Season 3, Episode 7, delivered detailed history, gave Solomon a voice, revealed the dark secrets behind Serac’s grand plan, and gave us a bloody showdown for good measure.

Our instant-reaction episode also includes the Three Stooges Road Trip, security personnel shortages, and one very lonely AI. Listen now and subscribe to catch our Deep Dive on Tuesday.

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Westworld Episode 7 Summary:
Charlotte tells Musashi Dolores is leaving her copies to die, just before Maeve’s new allies, Hanaryo and Clementine arrive to kill him. Dolores and Caleb arrive at Serac’s re-education center in Mexico where Solomon, the AI developed by Jean Mi, is constrained. Caleb discovers he is one of Serac’s outliers and one of the few that were successfully reconditioned: he and Francis became agents to bring in other outliers, using a pill to subdue their memories. Caleb also learns he was the one, manipulated by Rehoboam, to kill Francis. Maeve arrives at the facility to fight Dolores, and Dolores implores Solomon to establish Jean Mi’s plan for the world rather than Serac’s, while Caleb asks Solomon to help give him a future to kill Serac in. Maeve gains the advantage on Dolores but she uses an EMP to disable both of them as well as Solomon. Bernard and Ashley learn of Caleb’s special status, but as they leave, William proclaims his plans to rid the world of the remaining hosts.

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1 Response

  1. Steve M says:

    Hello again. From the top, thanks for your work to provide these podcasts and commentary on Westworld.
    I really enjoyed Episode 7. It fleshed out a main character in Caleb and answered his question of what Liam meant by saying “You did it” as he lay dying, and Caleb’s “Who am I?” moment.
    I agree with Ashley about the cold open. It was hot! I think Halores must think that Delores Prime was responsible for the car explosion when she tells Musashi/Sato that Delores means to kill all of the Delores copies; but that she, Halores, has other plans. Then moments later in a bit if irony, Sato is beheaded. Oof! But Sato’s pearl is still intact I would guess. I’m anxious to find out Harloes’s plan and if she gets repaired burnwise.
    I like the continuity of Delores Primers fatalism and ability to adjust her attitude (and maybe her plans). She is losing so many battles now after her early successes in gaining access to the seat of control. And now this fight with Maeve, the oldest host created by Arnold vs. Ford’s favorite.
    I’m not sure that I like the direction that William is taking. I am still not sure what drives him, or what has driven him, or what he thinks drives him. Plus he has one of those gizmos in the roof of his mouth.
    I thought it was funny when William called Stubbs a can opener. I thought immediately of humans calling Cylons “toasters” in Battlestar Galactica.
    There were other funny bits dialog, too, which seems more prevalent this season.

    Thanks again for all you do.

    Steve M

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