Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: “Phase Space”

Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: "Phase Space"
Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: "Phase Space"

Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: “Phase Space”

We’re halfway through Season 2, but Westworld isn’t showing any signs of fatigue as they blow up some popular early theories, while introducing even more. Gene & Kerri are in Los Angeles celebrating Gene’s birthday, so Rog & Big D are left in the studio to break down episode 6, “Phase Space”.

In this SUPER SIZED Instacast, the Original Shat Duo use every bit of their old host memory control units (MCU’s) to unravel:

  • The meaning of Phase Space and how it may relate to the episode plot
  • Which Timeframes, or REALITIES, we just witnessed
  • The MiB & Grace’s mistrusting relationship
  • Terminator Teddy & the Kamikaze Train
  • The End of Shogun World(?)
  • Sylvester & Felix’s Bogus Journey
  • The CR4DLE
  • Why Maeve didn’t use her Jedi Mind Trick on Akecheta

All these topics, plus the boys play an amazing acoustic cover sent in from a listener, Simon H.

Westworld Episode 6 Summary:
“Phase Space” Maeve and her group help Akane mourn Sakura’s death before they leave via the underground tunnels. Akane and Musashi decide to stay behind. Returning to Westworld, Maeve finds her daughter Anna but discovers another host playing her mother. The Ghost Nation attacks and Akechata asks Maeve to follow him. Charlotte and Ashley bring Peter back to the Mesa and signal for extraction, bringing a group of mercenaries that seize control from the Delos’ security team. Dolores and her group use the train filled with explosives to blow their way into the Mesa to look for Peter. Bernard and Elsie return to the Mesa separately and find that the Cradle, the central repository of host data, has somehow hijacked the park’s systems. Bernard uses a host-interface machine to insert himself directly into the Cradle. Within this space, modeled after Sweetwater, Bernard is surprised by Robert Ford waiting for him at the saloon.

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14 Responses

  1. Quintin says:

    Listening to the Instacast and just wanted to chime in. The traditional Japanese form of honorable suicide is “seppuku” or “harakiri”…

  2. Steve M says:

    I luckily stumbled on your WW commentaries a few weeks ago. So glad people with your interest and technical capabilities are out there. As to audience dropoff, once you lose a lot of the TDandA from the labs in Season 1, a certain segment will disappear. I also agree that this program demands full engagement to appreciate it. For the audience of those of us remaining, to paraphrase Shakespeare:
    ….though we be but little, we are fierce.

    What really interests me is Journey Into Night, how that narrative supports Ford’s “retaliation” against Delos. After s2e6, I get the impression that Ford has achieved a hybridization of himself (all those secretive workshops he had in s1), or is the improvising influence in the cradle. Also he seems to need a successful Arnold hybrid to partner with in order to upend Delos’s plans (whatever they might be) and bring the bots to actual non-programmable self-consciousness. Perhaps there is an end game in that accomplishment as well.

  3. MKS says:

    Hello Shat in TV, looks like the link to the instacast is going to Louis Herthum’s interview. Yeah? Many thanks!!

  4. Ken Y says:

    An observation and a theory.

    First, Emily doesn’t say “Gauntlet”, she says “Gala” — close your eyes and listen; the subtitles are wrong.

    Second, I rewatched S2E1 and saw something that made me curious. Around the 30 min mark in S2E1, MIB puts on his hat and his face is covered in blood, in a manner that is really reminiscent of Jim Delos’ face after he goes insane. I wonder if there is an effort to tell us that MIB is a humanized host who is being tested in the park, and Ford is trying to bring him back from the edge. Emily is there to give him a version of the fidelity test.

    The show certainly wants us to think the same thing about Bernarnold, given the episode open. Maybe Ford was running his own version of the Delos experiment, and still is.

  5. john says:

    can not access the instacast 206.

  6. Pamela Welch says:

    One of you guys commented that 40 minutes was wasted on Maeve and the Shogun stuff. I appreciate your opinion, but some people are into technology, and some people are into psychology, and West World has something for everyone. I think it is important ( for those of us into AI psychology) to watch and study the development of what we refer to as humanity in machines. We watched humans bonding with machines in this episode. This is important. To see the development of the machines to be as diverse as organic humanity, is vital…and interesting, for some of us. I agree that some of Maeve’s acting was a bit forced, but the subject is still valid.

  7. Pamela Welch says:

    A lot of people are saying that Delores might be regretting her decision to change Teddy. I do not agree. Teddy did not fit into her game plan so she either had to kill him or change him. Because she thinks she loves him, she opted to change him. But later, when she smiles sweetly at him and touches his face, he is stone cold. He may even dislike her now for changing him. For the first time she realizes that she might have lost his loyalty and love. It doesn’t hurt her, it merely surprises her, and bruises her huge ego. I am thrilled. She has taken that good loyal loving man for granted and now he is no longer vulnerable to her. But she will have no regrets, because she is narcissistic and not really capable of love. For her it is all about the game plan. I think it is fascinating how human it is that all these hosts are turning into different types of humans. Good, bad, and other.

  8. Herb Clann says:

    Ep 56 instacast link not showing up

  9. Mary Hale says:

    Hey there,

    Love the podcast. Great insight and interpretation of events. Did any of you notice the “error” in the closed captioning? When Bernarold and Elsie were going into the CR4-dle the CC listed Elsie as Hale. Now it also listed the short haired tech woman (later shown dead in control room w knife) as Hale also-she hacks the system and says “Got it” or something close. Was this a true mistake or an Easter egg? Keep up the great work! I’m glad I dont’t have to obssess alone!

    Mary Hale (no relation!)

  10. Mike says:

    super good! I came. here to listen and was not disappointed with Big “D.” keep on pumping!!

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