American Gods Episode 4 Theories: “Git Gone”

American Gods Episode 4 Theories
American Gods Episode 4 Theories

AAmerican Gods Episode 4 Theories: “Git Gone”

If you’re a fan of Laura Moon and American Gods Episode 4: Git Gone, you’re not alone. This week’s viewer mail reveals an audience delighted with Emily Browning’s performance and American Gods going off-book.

Of course, there are some critics disgusted with Browning’s performance. And we round out the show with some mind-blowing theories and Easter eggs from listener Jez Bell.

Read and respond to ALL the listener emails by clicking here.

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Storyline for “Git Gone” :
Episode 4: The story of Laura’s life and death is explored, including her first encounter with Shadow and how exactly she came to be sitting on the edge of his motel room bed.

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4 Responses

  1. Alixana says:

    Hey guys. I’ve been following you since the first podcast on Westworld and I was positively ecstatic when you announced that you will cover American Gods as well, given that I was already hyped for the show.
    Even though I don’t always agree with you I highly appreciate the different viewpoints, especially when they are articulated in a manner that is both hilarious but still highly intelligent and I have never felt the need to write in until now.
    Quick disclaimer: the following rant may sound overly defensive of a show, which even though I enjoy immensely is falling short of my personal expectations but was triggered by a comparison that cannot pass unmentioned.
    I’m a passionate reader and I often grow very attached to the source material witch usually makes me highly critical of adaptions. Oddly enough I do not have that issue with the show and I’m still unsure of the reason behind that. I view it as an expansion of the novel and I can appreciate the changes made when exaggerating, adding or chronologically moving plot points around. (By the way, in the book it was mentioned in passing that Laura is the reason Shadow went to prison, the show just decided to run wild with it). That being said I’m sometimes disappointed by certain characterizations, the pacing and inconsistencies with the source material, however you and your awesome listeners have already delved into that issue.
    But Gene, if Game of Thrones is an Emmy winning show, I could not accept the argument that American Gods is not Emmy worth as well. Every stupid zombie joke is infinitely better than “You want a good girl but you need a bad pussy”. Benioff and Weiss have shown utter disregard for the source material and at this point the character development on GoT is reserved only for the few characters that have been around since season 1, not to mention that even then it is thrown out of the window when it is convenient for the plot.
    If we have collectively decided to overlook of Thrones’ shortcomings and continue to site it as the “gold standard for television”, I honestly think we could cut American Gods some slack.
    Anyway, I love what you guys are doing and I’m looking forward to the next podcast.
    Best regards from Bulgaria

    • Gene Lyons says:

      “Game of Thrones” is by no means flawless. There are some SERIOUSLY out-of-whack instances I can only attribute to a need for sex appeal and marketing traction. But, overall, the production quality is superior, and the on-screen talent ranges for good to phenomenal. But you’re right, and your “bad pussy” example hammers that point home.

  2. One of you guys had posited that maybe one of the Gods had a hand in the accident that killed the two smuts birds. I looked at the scene a couple times and what struck me was that other than the oncoming lights, there was no evidence that another vehicle was involved. You don’t see it during the crash scene and even when she’s floating above the scene there’s no one or no car visible. Wouldn’t you think that if there was someone else in another car they would have stopped to at least check if they can help?

    While I know that’s not definitive I do believe it points towards divine intervention of some kind.

    Love your guys shows keep up the great work,
    Robert Waltman

  3. lizbotnick says:

    I loved the episode. I can’t be objective on it because I related so strongly with it, as did every other person I know who is dealing with or has dealt with depression. Where you might have seen Laura becoming disenchanted with marriage and Shadow, I saw a person who was hoping those things would fix her and the things wrong with her, namely : depression. Through the episode I could feel the weight of it bearing down and her and building walls between her and relationships and even simple emotion and I could see her own awareness of that weight; the way she tries to explain it to Shadow in a manner both clinical and desperate.

    You never see her truly joyful or angry or scared until she’s dead. She can’t even manage a relatinship with her cat. She’s obviously not affectionate toward Robbie. She doesn’t show any real passion toward Shadow until, again, she’s dead. (And boy, the way looks when she talks about that indicates something wonderfully creepy and off about that love.)

    Laura was depressed, and depression can lead to extreme acts, which she clearly was drawn toward again and again. What I really appreciate beyond the weight of sympathy I had for her, was that the show didn’t use it as an excuse for what she did. The show isn’t demanding that she be seen as good or a victim or circumstance, and it’s not demanding that we see her as wholly bad, either. I felt like I was being asked to understand this character and move on through the rest of the story with that understanding in my pocket.

    Anyway, I’ve been listening since the start of Westworld and I’m so glad for the chance to experience another series I’ve been excited about along with you guys!

    (Btw: pretty sure she was hiding in the hot tub when avoiding Shadow, not the closet.)

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