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Guys, you sound like a bunch of old dudes arguing on a porch or in a bar. There’s a funny scene in Leap Year (cause I know you love the rom coms) that is exactly like that.

Format feedback – as an avid book-before-movie/TV person, I actually think this would backfire in the podcast world. I agree it’s helpful if there’s a question, but even I think it’s going to take the fun out of it to dissect. I’d rather you spend the time watching the extras instead of the nitpicking in the book. For example, the after-the-episode literally explained all the blood used in the fight scene. A fun take would be – “Damn, that’s a lot of blood! you know they did that on purpose? that’s cool and excessive, you know who also used excessive blood? Tarantino. And the remake of Evil Dead used more than a pool-full of blood! damn!” (I know you don’t talk like that)

More of – my favorite was probably the commentary about the wives/girlfiends/sisters watching. Of course we’d think Bilquis’ scene as hilarious, talk about pussy power.

Question – can you add a little more about you as the viewer? you don’t have to tell me you believe in God, but if you had a modern-day god you worshipped, who would that be? the Apple god? fast food god? Give me a little more 🙂

Hope that helps! -Emily J

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