American Gods Podcast – A Trust Issue

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Hi Guys – I just binged seasons 1 and 2 of American Gods. The only reason I got interested in viewing it was on your recommendation during the GOT podcast. I have followed you through GOT and Westworld and trust your judgment, so I thought I’d give American Gods and your AG podcast a spin.

The premise of AG is intriguing to me. I agree, like one of the characters states, “there is a god-sized hole in our spirits.” And that humans have attempted to fill that hole forever with their god stories….Creating gods in our image… (To me, this doesn’t negate the existence of God, it supports god’s existence through the consistent and universal search for a spiritual connection to that which is bigger than us – our creator, life source or what ever you want to call it.)

Furthermore, I believe we are spiritual beings on a physical journey. Not solely physical beings on a spiritual journey. And so our idols may change as our needs and knowledge change (today we have technology, pleasure, drugs, money) but again, these are idols or gods that, like throughout history, we use to attempt to fill that God hole. But I digress..

The reason I’m writing (first time I’ve ever written in to a Podcast) is to encourage you to keep giving honest critiques. I was confused after a few episodes as to why the AG was highly acclaimed – I thought I must be crazy with how I viewed many scenes as cheesy, corny or trashy. And then there would be a really cool, well-developed scene with real characters…and then another flat one. It was encouraging to me when your comments supported my perceptions – I would have been disappointed in the both of you if you didn’t point out the major flaws. That’s why I listen to podcasts, to get a critical take on what I’m watching – if there isn’t both negative and positive critique…then what’s the point of discussing it?

I do agree 45 minutes of criticism gets old, I enjoyed the background research you put into the historical symbolism – very valuable information that enhances the viewing.

But I listen because I trust you – so keep being honest – keep being you!

Thank you for all the time and energy you put into all your podcasts – it shows. Lynn in Oregon

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