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Hey Guys,

“There hasn’t been any outcry about people missing her…” (Missandei) “Surprised that more people didn’t take note of it” (Missandei’s cry of Dracarys)

I heard these sentiments uttered on this podcast and a screeching UM ACTUALLY rang around my bathroom as I washed my hair and literally poked my head out the shower to stare at my Bluetooth speaker incredulously. There has been a HUGE outcry about Missandei’s death from the black and brown watchers of this show. You guys may never have to think about this because most great shows feature people who look like you but the black and brown fans have been tracking every non-white or white passing character in this show since season one and our precious Missandei was everything and pretty much the only positive representation we had on this show. We had the Dothraki who are literally portrayed like some racist man’s nightmares about native Americans as they prance on the screen hollering and fucking and slicing the neck of the man standing next to them. They raid and rape and are only seen as valuable when they’re used as a weapon, otherwise, they’re simply regarded as savages. Pretty sure the show even uses that word. But almost every other brown person is literally a fucking slave. With the exception of the slave masters of Yunkai who were brown and then the Dornish. And certainly, every black person we’ve seen on the show has been a slave (the unsullied) with the exception of three characters (xaro xhoan daxos, ser davos’ black pirate friend whose name idk, and the man from Mereen whom Dany was engaged to for half a second (Hizdahr). Yet through all the shitty and triggering portrayals of slavery, savagery, and severed dicks we got our queen Missandei. Gentle and smart with a crown full of curls and WE LOVED HER. So this is just an um actually regarding our black outcry. We miss her, we love her and honestly, we’re mostly shocked she got to live this long and pissed that she didn’t get to live out her dream with her love. Won’t be surprised if Grey Worm goes next. Love the podcast and I look forward to your witty and defensive response.

Tiara (Ti-AIR-uh; please fight your urge to pronounce it Ti-Aw-ruh)

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