Bronn and the Dothraki

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Just a bit of fanfiction/speculation since the Dothraki thread was left loose on the show.

After spending some time thinking about of possible next steps for the Dothraki and where they might go after the death of Dany, I began thinking about Bronn’s conversation with Jaime and Tyrion where he states that all houses were started by hard bastards who were good at killing.

While Tyrion/Bran are able to name Bronn the Lord of Highgarden, Bronn would likely need his own army to defend such title from any disgruntled surviving Highgarden heirs. Who better than the Dothraki? Bronn was certainly impressed by their fighting ability during the loot train battle and I could see him offering them a place in Highgarden in exchange for their protection. Perhaps Bronn might even challenge the new Kahl to a fight to gain leadership of the Dothraki (a tactic that I think would fit with Bronn’s character).

Anyway, I think the worst part of the series ending is no longer having 3 great podcasts per week to look forward to after each episode. Thanks for all of the hard work. I will kick in a few bucks on Patreon soon.

Ken C.

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