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Hi all

When she found out after 278 iterations that Caleb only had an apology for Frankie and not a big reveal about what makes him the special human that Hale was hoping for, iteration 279 seems to be a complete do-over for Caleb. We see the droid host blasting off the scratched arrow indicating the direction to open the floor vent, meaning the next iteration won’t know how to “escape” so easily. Hale has been playing a long game trying discover what makes Caleb special and it is not working out well for her. She is creating a loop for herself at the same time.

If Caleb 279 reached the messaging machine and gave the same message for Frankie again, would Frankie be in the same timeline again to receive it? And what would 279 do after sending that message? My last two questions are rhetorical, since Caleb 278 was the last attempt by Hale using her strategy. Now she has to come up with another tack to find what she’s looking for from Caleb.

By the way, after listening to your last couple Instacasts (this is my instant take on your instant take), I would swear we weren’t watching the same show. The consistent negativity you express on immediate impressions of episodes baffles me. It’s like you have a show written in your heads and are not watching the show that is written for you. I don’t mean to be harsh, but I could take only about 4 minutes of your latest Instacast before shutting it down. I can’t say I love every scene of every episode, but the story has legs and stays within the “Westworld” universe.

Still, you all put a ton of time and effort into the casts, and for that I am most appreciative. I’ve been listening since season 2 and was really happy you are still around.

Steve Morse

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