Cercei’s Baby

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Just finished watching the episode a second time and I have some thoughts on the Cercei pregnancy reveal. First let me say that Bronn pulling Jaime out of the river in full armor bothered me. I just don’t think it was possible. It would have been easier for me to suspend disbelief if Jamie came out of that water minus his armor and metal hand. That would have let us as viewers buy this scene a little easier and would have given the character a more vulnerable feel after what had just happened to him….

So Jaime comes home and we get the scene of him telling Cercei they can’t win and that Olenna killed Joffrey not Tyrion. He plainly tells her “we can’t win this war” which she seems to take as weakness from him along with the remarks of him poisoning Olenna instead of the other “better” options. She does not hide her disdain for him in this moment and you can tell that she clearly understands that he is sentimental. She also sees that his allegiance could possibly shift away from her now that he knows Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey and that he has seen what the Dragon Queen is capable of.

Their subsequent conversation now has deeper meaning. She is upset that Bronn betrayed Jamie and that Jamie “betrayed” her by not killing Tyrion on sight. (side note: let’s not forget here that she knew Tyrion was there, did Dany’s mole tell her he was coming??) Her suspicions about Jamie’s possible shifts of heart are confirmed. It is now that she tells him she is pregnant.

Let me say this…. I do not believe she is pregnant at all. This is a ploy to control Jamie and keep him FIRMLY on her side. His allegiance to his own child and an heir to the Lannister name will supersede his loyalty to anything else. She is not stupid. She knows this. On top of telling him she is pregnant, she tells him that she will acknowledge that he is the father publicly. Not. Gonna. Happen.

Here’s why: The prophesy given to her years ago has come true in every aspect and detail. It clearly states that she will have 3 children and that they will all die young. We know that Cercei believes these words full tilt so no matter what, this child (if there is one, and there’s not) will never see the light of day.

She is using this only to control Jaime. He is her only consort. The only person she can even half-way trust and he’s clearly not all in. So prediction: There is no baby. Cercei tells Jaime that at some point in a nasty exchange meant to shame him and that is the final straw. It’s what gets him to see that she has truly no center, no morals and is the Mad Queen. He kills her like he killed the last Mad Monarch. That is his destiny. The writers even proved it in saving him in what, I think we can all agree, was a forced and ill-contrived manner……


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