Dan and Dave Are the Real Tragedy of the GOT Saga

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I am fine with the final episode for GAME of THRONES. My problem is with the overall end of the series. Episode 3,4 and 5. I feel as if Dan and Dave are a modern version of the dog and the bone. The dog looks at a lake of water and sees another bone in the reflection and instead of securing what he has. He reaches and loses both.

There is no other GOT. and there will likely be no other series like GOT. Even the spin-offs will lack the luster of the original. For Dan and Dave not to see and realize that is the real tragedy here. There is no doubt that They worked hard on producing the show. And all who worked for them gave it there all. But it was their duty to also give that level of effort in writing the screenplay. And if they felt not up to the task, They needed to call in help. I sincerely felt that Dan and Dave needed help in culminating the storylines for the final two seasons for GOT.

The best analogy I can give is that they were given the answers to the test but they could not even try hard enough to fool the teacher that they were not cheating. If you have ever cheated or helped someone cheat, you know it takes actual work to make it look like you knew how to arrive at the answers. In a calculus test you can’t just give the answers you also have to show your worksheet calculations to arrive at that answer. When someone writes a paper for you, it incumbent that you use some of your verbiages in the writing or else the teacher will know the style of writing and call you out on it.

Well, Dan and Dave were given the answers to the end of the show, but they take the time to fool us or get help to fool us that they could fill the gaps in the calculations that gave us the results only they knew. And that’s the real travesty here. Dan and Dave could not muster the effort to cheat better on a test we knew they had all the answers to. Dan and Dave have dreamed of making a Star Wars movie. But they could never do what George Lucas did, build star wars from the ground up. They had that with Game of Thrones and they could not see it though. Their legacy will be built on GOT not making #15 of #23 in the line of Star Wars movies. A baseball game is not 7 innings or else Bill Buckner would have a World Championship. BAsketball is not 3 quarters long. If you lack the stamina and strength to finish then call in a relief pitcher to seal the deal.

Best wishes Kevin

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2 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    You obviously are not a Game of Thrones fan because if you were you would know that the show was ruined when they ran out of source material. The reason why the show was successful is because George RR Martin wrote it and not Dan and Dave! To be frank.. the show is just a rip off from Europe’s own history with a mix of Christianity. See they cant make a good series today without using parts of the bible and real historical events. Westeros isn’t really original. It is a mirror image of England during the time of the Roman expansion in Britannia. Even down to the wall, “Hadrian’s Wall” is copied and expanded on. Dan and Dave are Hollywood hacks and will never produce anything the people will love. The new series coming out will destroy the ratings of the old show because of the fact George R.R. Martin will be directly involved.

  2. Gene Lyons says:

    Season 8 was written by several teams of writers, and only Episode 6 was written and directed by D&D. I think stumbling toward the finish line wasn’t solely their fault.

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