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Hey Guys,

In the scene where Delores is apparently testing Bernard for “fidelity”, isn’t it possible that Ford (or some other tech) is actually doing the testing? Maybe it only looks like Delores because it is a recreation of a REAL scene out of Arnold’s past. It is, after all a simulation (letterboxed), and hosts can be made to see only what Ford wants them to see. Maybe we see Delores because we, as the audience, are seeing what Bernard sees. Because if it really is Delores, then I agree with whoever said it that this must be very far in the future, because at this point Delores has no tech skills at all whatsoever. Why would she even pick up a tablet that she doesn’t know how to operate? It’s a small point, I know, but when she says “Freeze motor functions” and tells Bernard to sit, she sounds exactly like Ford sounds when he is talking through the hosts.

One other very small thing I want to bring up. The fact that Delos could spend years on the James Delos host and never get it right does not mean that Ford could not have done it quickly. Doesn’t someone make a statement somewhere about how incompetent the Delos people are in comparison? After all, they are new to the game, and Ford, as he says, created the whole park from scratch.

Love the show! Already dreading the end of the season.


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