Emmett Till And Lovecraft

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Folks – interesting to see that they covered the Emmett Till incident on this weeks episode.

For those not familiar with the incident, Emmett Till was a 14 year African American kid from the south side of Chicago, who in 1955 was murdered while visiting family in Mississippi. The background to the murder, was that Emmett was supposed to have been “flirting” with married white woman. The woman’s husband and his half brother tracked Emmett down, kidnapped him, beat him up ,tortured him ( including gouging out one of his eyes) and then shooting him. The 2 murderers were tried but acquitted.

When the body was returned to Chicago for burial. Emmett’s mom insisted on an open casket, so people could see the mutation done to his body. The case was widely published in the African American media and was one of the pivotal points in the early civil rights movement.

Tom from Chicago.

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