Westworld – Season 2 Mean Mail

Westworld – Season 2 Mean Mail

Let the hate flow through you! It’s time for Shat on TV: Westworld’s Mean Mail edition of the Telegraph.

This special episode wraps up listeners’ final thoughts on Westworld Season 2, then turns the guns on Big D, Gene, and Kerri. Roger somehow emerges unscathed. Hear about Gene’s sexual issues, Big D’s pronunciation problems, and Kerri’s absence.

Listener letters cover Shat on TV’s first godchild, reactions to the Westie Awards, and the final word on hosts’ superiority to humankind.

As long as we’re still around, Westworld lives!

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  1. MadisonFat says:

    Hello to all
    In this difficult time, I love you all
    Appreciate your family and friends

  1. July 28, 2018

    […] Link: Ep.74: Westworld – Season 2 Mean Mail […]

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