Euron Is a Flake

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We just recently found your podcast and we are loving it! Here is my major thought from this last episode:

Euron is a flake. He has no loyalty to the crown and now he has seen the dragons and I’m sure is peeing down his thick salty leg. Cersei says he’s going to get that army but can we trust that? Who’s to say he didn’t just turn tail and actually leave to wait out the war? Say he is going to get that army- and they do come- how will their warm blood survive The Winter? I wouldn’t count on that to stand up and those 20,000 men and elephants to be enough of a force to take the army of the dead.

Also- I’m very curious to hear more about the theory of Bran being The Knight King, can you go into that more?

Love the podcast and your perspectives!

Kate of Columbus, Ohio first of her name, ruler of her domain and mother of Boston Terriers 😉

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