True Detectives

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I loved this season. I don’t have anyone around me who watched the show AND is willing to dig into it. So I have to share with you guys. Observation one, Wayne in varying ways said more than once that he doesn’t live in his past. His life is in the here and now. Then we spend the season watching his disease repeated pull him against his will into the past he has so often sought to escape. On that note, I will touch in my thought about the ending. As he disappears into the jungle, I think he is moving further back into his memories and will now likely find himself trapped in that part of his life. Finally, how often did we hear that his wife’s book was as much about them as the crime? So then isn’t the ending which focuses on them coming together, once with his proposal after a break caused by this case and in another scene restarting their lives when the case once again threatened to be the end of them, the perfect end. The story really was more about them than anything else. Even when we had the answers in the case, we were anxiously waiting to understand his relationship with Rebecca. I went down some random roads of speculation as the season moved along but loved the simpler yet deeper ending we were given. One final side note. The missing picture on the wall in the first episode. I assumed that would have been a wedding photo or something of the like with the parents since this seemed to be their spot for family portraits. It makes sense given the state of their marriage that they might take it down. Thanks for the coverage i really enjoy your podcast. You guys are great.


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