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I have been thinking of a theory on how the next few (and final) episodes of Game of Thrones could go.. I got thinking how anti-climatic it would feel to have the NK and army of the dead appear in the next episode and also be defeated in that episode. Appearing in only one episode of the final season, showing up and being defeated all in one episode seems very unlike GoT. It would also only leave the battle with Cersei (and any resolution to the Jon/Dany issues) in the final 3 episodes, which in comparison to what we’ve essentially been preparing for seasons for would seem a bit small in comparison. I also don’t see it likely that the NK army wins so my thinking (and it’s only brief and needs fleshed out) goes something like this:-

Episode 3 – the army of the living win the battle of winterfell (only just) but fail to kill the Night King. Among the dead: Jaime, Grey Worm, Jorah, Theon etc. The Night King retreats with his ice dragon.

Episode 4 – the aftermath of the battle, mourn the dead etc. Jon needs Daenerys’ help to defeat the Night King (2 dragons better than 1 or maybe Jon’s dragon is dead). Daenerys needs Jon’s help to take the iron throne (her armies are weak and she’s lost Jorah and Grey Worm). She agrees to help Jon defeat the NK if he helps her defeat Cersei so they begin the march to Kings Landing.

Episode 5 – the battle of kings landing. Jon and Dany defeat Cersei. Yara kills Euron. The Hound (if he lives) or Arya (if he doesn’t) kills the Mountain. Before the end of the episode, Night King arrives and raises the army of all the dead from the battle of Kings Landing – he’s get a whole new army!!!!

Episode 6 – Last battle between Jon/Night King/Daenerys. Who knows who wins that final battle ??????? .. I could see the NK killing Jon (because that would be bitter) but then being killed by someone else (Arya/Samwell/Tyrion). Dany would then have the seven kingdoms with Tyrion by her side but maybe agree to let Sansa rule the north and Yara rule the iron islands. Brienne becoming Lady Commander of the Kings Guard? Samwell head Maester?

It could also end with Dany being pregnant with Jon’s child to make it a truly bittersweet ending.

Would love to hear your thoughts / anything I may have missed or we think would be different?

Connor McLaughlin

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Based on a lot of viewer reactions to the Night King’s swift death, I think most of the fan base would prefer your version of events

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