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Hey guys,

I wanted to get your input on a tin foil theory that’s been around for a while. Almost everyone knows about the Jon Snow is a Targaryen theory, and it’s basically 100% confirmed now. A lot of fans know of the Tyrion is a Targaryen theory too. But when Jon touched Drogon this episode, it hit me that he and Tyrion are the only two people to touch one of the dragons besides Dany (at least in the dragons’ fully grown forms).

Does this fact help lean into the theory that yes, Tyrion must also be a Targaryen, and furthermore, that all three of them will at some point ride the dragons at the same time? It has to be some type of symbolism that those 3 are the only ones that have touched the dragons. You guys rock and the podcast helps me get through the week from Sunday to the next Sunday.


Nick B. from Tennessee

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