Game of Thrones – the Final Solution?

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I wanted to thank you for your great pod casts and analysis of GOT etc. I work in a studio all day and your rich conversations are great content for my ‘alone time” (read solitary workdays).

Anyway I am really tired of all the comments on the 2Ds… and their lack of content creation, all the fandom excuses for why the seasons are like they are… no Martin content etc.

– I agree seasons 7 & 8 were *very* poorly written, lacked character or narrative continuity, seemed so small for such a LARGE story.

But here”s my take the 2Ds acted like amateurs and seemed to have too much of their ego in the project….. take a step back guys… grow into the role… grow up… spread your wings… (you CAN move on and still take an active role in the remaining seasons).

There is NO need to out-do the prior seasons of battles etc… just continue with the same level of creativity.

Look! The 2Ds have/had control over the project. IF they understood that they were not up to the task (for whatever reason – they were done, they were tired, they cannot write… are sad or LOST without a book to edit….etc etc….) why didn’t they ACT like they had some authority – and HIRED some writers… (clearly there are a lot of us out here who could have pulled together plausible action & lines) They could have had control over the result and outlined their ‘final solution” to the team of writers…. And let them review the books/prior seasons…and get to WORK. They would have, like the rest of us come up with plausible arcs and tidy (or not) plot and dialog that befitted the characters and story?

Really I am sure that they had the budget… why did they need to personally control the last seasons when they were obviously DONE? It was so unprofessional for 2 guys who are named… EXECUTIVE Producers… it is/was so terribly unprofessional and sadly a poor (at best) ending for such a strong, richly cinematic, and compelling story.

Janet Lasher

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Before Season 8, I was super excited to see how “Game of Thrones” would outdo itself. After Season 8, I asked myself “why did we need to outdo anything?” When you have the best show on TV, there’s no need to push the envelope. Do what you do best, and do it consistently.

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