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Hi Guys! Absolutely LOVE your podcasts!!!!!

I watch the BBC episodes on Saturdays so waiting for your podcasts is nerve racking to say the least.

Episode 3 was my favorite but this, episode 4 has taken the lead!

With the giant assassin. I felt James was digging his blades into the man’s legs to not only disable him but to use it as leverage to crawl up his body before climbing off and getting the hooks. Awesome and gruesome scene. I loved it!

I have read some people’s comments around the Web, speaking of their growing dislike for James after the scene with Godders. I however didn’t have an issue for two reasons. First, James really doesn’t care about hurting peoples feelings, except maybe Zilpha. He speaks his truth. Can it be harsh, even mean, yes it can. Second, coming from working in the kink/fetish world, I see that James is assuming his dominance over Godders. James is very much an alpha male. Godder is not only a Sissy (a term widely used in D/s) but also very submissive, especially to James because he loves him. Some subs and/or sissies even take perverse pleasure in being shamed/humiliated. (I speak with them daily) James understands Godders feelings, he “gets him” and by calling him half a man or something to that effect isn’t an insult, really, to Godders. Is it PC no but is this type of language and behavior accepted in the Kink world, yes. That is why I didn’t find it offensive where as I can understand someone vanilla (not into D/s or kink) would.

I saw the preview for the next episode and yes there is a duel and it is with pistols. The preview ends with James and asshat (Thorne) walking towards each other and then fades to black. There are witnesses there and a male who gives James and Thorne the rules and proper behavior during a duel.

Anywhoo, thank you for your podcasts, keep up the good work. I found you guys during Westworld and I look forward to American Gods.


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