GOT Final Episode-Go Tyrian

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Hey Guys,

I honestly had to watch this episode twice to be able to decide how I felt. I think they did a beautiful job of wrapping up this season. If you only think about this season it ends appropriately. Besides the beautifully acted scene with Tyrion over his dead sibling’s bodies and the amazing dragon in mourning moment; I think you really have to cheer the scene with Tyrion and Jon because it explained so much about Danerys reasoning, beyond just saying, “oh she”s mad”. It really solidified that she wasn’t actually mad, but more the entitled way rulers can become over time making decisions for others. They all start off well and continue to think they”re doing justice when they”re actually becoming tyrants. It also gave Jon his first actual moment to say oh I have to be dishonorable to succeed. (About time dude) When he is talking to Danny and gives her one last chance to prove she is good before killing her it makes more sense he would do it because of this speech with Tyrion. However, I don’t believe grey worm would”ve been satisfied with the “justice” Jon and Tyrion received. It would have been more believable, and poetic, to see a shot of Tyrion speaking with Jon in the cell and he, Tyrion, had a hand chopped off replaced with his brothers golden hand! Or, even Jon having that happen as the new slayer of Kings/Queens. Do want to get your take on how they justified Bran becoming King! And, why would Braun be master of coin-talk about the worst choice for that job.

Kelly B. – from Louisiana

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