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Hey Guys,

Love the show. Just had the screaming at the hosts moment in the car. I just want to point out one thing I think you guys might have missed. Emily is never referred to as Grace on the show. The actress is only called Grace in HBO Publicity and on IMDB. Never is she actually called Grace on screen. ‘Grace’ is a publicity misdirect because the show didn’t want people to know that MiB’s daughter was showing up. If they say they cast an Emily, well everyone knows who this person is before the reveal. The show was protecting itself by calling her Grace in publicity. However, that seems to have bit them in the butt because ‘Grace’ has stuck more than it should have.

So I would not put any ‘theory crafting weight’ on her name being Grace at one point since it was all real world misdirection. She could still be a Host and all that kind of speculation.

Thanks for the great content.
Matthew Horton

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