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Dear Shat on Tv Crew,

Thanks so much for all your work! This is my favorite (and the best) Westworld podcast.

So I have a quick theory on timelines and guns: I think the latter can tell us approximately “when” we are. As you may recall, earlier versions of the park allowed guests to get shot with impact- albeit sans lethality. William gets shot during his first visit to the park with Logan, and it leaves a mark- much as we see when Grace shoots her hookup du jour. I think the focus on his bruise during this “it will only sting a bit” scene is not just to show us the lover isn’t a host, but to use the impact of the bullet to give us a hint at the time period, especially considering that, by contrast, in the last season, when we meet William as Man in Black, bullets are little more than sparklers with no impact whatsoever, much to his chagrin.

That said, I don’t think Grace is Theresa because Grace has already established a way to determine who is a host, whereas Theresa has no idea Bernard is a host when she sleeps with him, not does she express any interest in figuring out whether he is or not before beginning the affair.

I think the type and effect of guns may also tell us a bit more in retrospect about Ghost Nation and “Wyatt’s” men. Are they perhaps traveling in time? (::cue Lost theme::)

Anyway, just my two cents!

Keep up the great work 🙂



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