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Hi guys and Kerri,

I don’t think I’ve heard you or any other fan theories on the podcast mention any suspicions on the missing (and dead) kids’ mom, Mrs Purcell. There’s some shady business going on, namely, how she was looking at the detectives when they came back for that second room search. The bag they found, where she used to work, could be another clue to her involvement, but I had my feeling of distrust long before that. In the real world, we often hear how mothers hurt or kill their own children, either because they are crazy, are involved with some crazy boyfriend, or both. I would not be at all surprised if she’s in on the kidnapping, which maybe went too far. She too could’ve posed her son in his First Communion pose to remember his innocence one last time.

I’ve been a listener of all the Shat podcasts over the years, so many thanks for your time and dedication.

Brian Z

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