How Ash Would Ruin Season 4 If She Was Hale

Westworld Telegraph

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Season 4 episode 1

Host: We think the rebels are in the dead zone.

Host Queen Ash: Take our flying drones and drop nerve gas on everything within 200 miles of that spot. Then send in 5,000 of our faceless drones to kill anything that survived.

Host: It will be done

Host Queen Ash: I want another 2,000 hosts monitoring all our video feeds from New York. Have 10 random freezes each day where everyone stands on one foot. Have each human carry a handgun with instructions to shoot on site anyone who doesn’t freeze. If they somehow survive, instruct every human to hunt for them and have our faceless hosts guard all exits.

(15 day time jump)

Host: All the outliers are dead and you have total control

Credits roll Season 4 ends after a 15 minute episode

See you folks for season 5

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