How Rehoboam Knew Caleb Was Special

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Hey guys,

Great to hear your recap pods every week and honest thoughts and opinions on Westworld.

Ash – you mentioned on the recap that Rehoboam knew Caleb was special (?) but how did Dolores know before copying her code to Hale. I recall Dolores was one of the hosts in the War (training) park and saw when Caleb was there training for the military that he didn’t want to rape the women like most of the other soldiers and thought he was a good egg (a low bar for sure!) and that’s why she hooked up with him. Also Hale knows that Maeve has a soft spot for Caleb – which kicked off the season when she reached out to see how Caleb was doing through the mesh network which notified Hale to their whereabouts. I think that’s what has triggered her interest in trying to understand what it is about him that can perhaps unlock the secret to the other outliers, as he was also referenced as the OG outlier (in the fly infection timeframe).

PS – must be time for Peter Abernathy to record a new intro sans Roger and plus Ash??



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