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Hey Shat fam,First off let me say, you cats have been doing a great job navigating a complicated and nuanced minefields this entire season. It’s been really refreshing to see you both grow and expand your perspectives in real time. So major shout out for that. Episode 7 had me on the verge of tears the entire time. Seeing a mature black woman playing in so many amazing spaces and going through so many cathartic experiences in one episode was an emotional roller coaster that made me feel all the feelings! So after the episode aired i jump on to Twitch to share the experience with the Shat Fam, only to be greeted with you both taking a flaming hot shat on the episode. Honestly I could only hear a couple of minutes of you guys railing against it before I had to turn it off. I get that Sunday nights are just your general reaction and opinions. And I also fully acknowledge that i am very protective of this show and other quality content for black nerds like myself. But here’s the thing, while you can have your opinions, i would strongly encourage you to add a caveat and/or acknowledge the fact that maybe episodes like this are literally not for you. I don’t say that to be mean, or sassy, I just mean you might not be the audience that this episode is designed for. When you’ve seen an episode you like I’ve heard you say something like, ‘this is what i wanted this show to be’ and honestly that’s always made me cringe a little. This show isn’t trying to be what you want it to be. This show has shown itself to be one big therapy session for the black experience in America, and episode 7 demonstrates that fact in very clear ways. At the end of the day you have the right to feel your feelings, but before you take a big shat on an episode like this, maybe you should ask yourself, ‘was this episode made for me’? and if not, imagine how good it must feel for those who it is made for. Love you guysAtliens Raymond

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