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Good morning hosts from Shat on TV Westworld. Love the your podcast guys. Helps me understand what the “F” is going on in each episode, as Elsie would so eloquently express it.

I know my question is going back to the beginning, but this is what Ford actually tells old William that his story ends where it begins.

My question to you guys is if you guys ever commented or noticed back on Chestnut episode 2, season 1, when the camera focuses on William waking up in the futuristic train as he is being served a drink?

We are introduced with young William, we hear to heart beats and even the caption tells us. His image was fuzzy at first since the camera is focusing intentionally as he is waking up.

His reflection is what we see first as a dead person, and it looks like he is in a casket. The waitress clears her throat and says to him, “may I take your glass?” (“his glass is still untouched” – “with ice”. –

Fast forward – to “The Riddle of the Sphinx Season 2 Episode 4 – the times that young William is served whisky by Jim Delos, he always says, it’s too early for him. But old William did take a sip.

Fast forward – to Phase Space – his daughter Grace is surprised that old William drinks.

Now back to Chestnut, his first time to take a sip of whisky was when he was wearing his cowboy outfit and white hat for the first time. technically he has not put on his white hat. The old locomotive waiter pours him the whisky. After he takes a sip, Logan comes in. William asks him “how do we get into the park?”. The train rattles a bit and he sees his reflection across the mirror.

Reflection, reflections, reflections…….this is the key. Or at least a piece of the puzzle of who William really is. Even Logan tells him this at this specific moment.

Another Reflection is when Jim Delos is looking at himself in the mirror and William enters the room he is in.

For many of us it will be a disappointment to find out the old William is a “Hybrid”. And this so called “Door” maybe a metaphor or literally that is the main theme will finally reveal this. But to enter this door, he will need a key.

I don’t believe it is not by choice that William became a Hybrid. Maybe at some point he was killed. But it is just a hypothesis like all other comments.

Sorry to make this email too long, but what do you guys think of “reflections”. Top it off with “Fords” reflection off the Piano as he says “Hello old friend” and back to the beginning for Teddy as he enters the park on the train in the “Originals (Twice), and waking up and we see a little of his reflection and finally finding out he is a host at the end or let’s say at the beginning.

Shat back at you guys, keep up the great work


J Alex.

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