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Hey Guys,

I was hoping you guys can explain something for me regarding my gripe for Dolores in this last episode. I understood why she killed Bernard in the first place, she couldn’t forgive him and felt betrayed by him. So why bring him back? To check her power, as Lisa Joy mentioned? Were we expected to believe that she had a growth spurt in character development in the last 10 minutes of episode 10 than the overall 9 episodes before? I don’t buy it. It seemed like bad writing, like a Bond Villain putting 007 in “easily escapable situation.” The only reason to keep him around is that he would be of some use to her. Does he have something she will need in the future? It angered me so much more than anything else this season, including the creator of the show having to explain what we just watched. Even Mad Men, having been littered with so many metaphors and philosophical interpretations, was easier to understand and digest.

Of course I’m going to watch the next season, whatever year that will be, because it’s still overall one of the best shows on right now. Even with this terrible season finale, I enjoyed “Kiksuya” more than most movies I’ve seen this past year.

Please keep up with the excellent work. Listening to your podcasts has been the highlight of my work day for the past 8 months.

See you at the Mesa Bar,

– Julia

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