Is Wayne Banging Lucy?

True Detectives

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Love the show. A theory popped into my head this week – it’s crazy but here it is for your perusal –

Looks to me like Purple Hays (access to the brown sedan/cop car) was doinking the Purcell kid’s mother (I’m entitled to a life) in the bushes. The ‘don’t you need a warrant’ guy said he saw a bi-racial couple. The Purcell kids stumbled across their mom ‘out lookin’ for dick’ and things got out of hand. Hays chased and perhaps accidentally killed the boy without knowing who he was and the mother posed him like his communion pic when she saw what had happened. The girl was sent to live with the creepy cousin. Hays did the crime but has either blanked it from his mind (ptsd from Vietnam) or is feigning Alzheimer’s.

I hope it’s not true but it feels like a possibility to me right now.

Best regards, your fan from Australia

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