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Hey guys,

I’m listening to the deep dive and when you’re talking about Jim drinking from the glass I thought of something. You mention that it doesn’t make sense why MIB would spend all this effort to create a hybrid of Jim Delos just to sabotage it with a drink, essentially torturing Jim every time he interviews him. My theory is that the drink is just another test. By this point there are hosts that are able to live for years and have no problems with cognitive function. But, with Jim they are not creating another host, they are creating a hybrid. The drink has something in it that would decay the cognitive function of a host if they were aware that they are not real. The goal is to create someone who can function knowing that they are not real because the real version is already dead. It would make sense that the scientists would test every possibility to work out the issues that would come with a host living out in the real world. Now, if you say that there are already hosts who are aware that they are not real this could be answered pretty easily. The MIB says that the scientists would likely have cracked the issues with Jim in a year or two but it could be less time than that so this issues could already have been fixed. Maeve and Dolores could have had those issues fixed for the new narrative that Ford sets in place so it would not decay their cognitive function. I’m writing this at work on my phone so I don’t want to make it too long but please tell me what you think on the telegraph or anyone on the website forum.
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