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Hi Shat crew
Just heard your most recent Lovecraft country podcast (Ep 7) (yes I’m slow) and your soul searching damned if you do/don’t dilemma. It saddens me because your caveats and qualifications are clear To me throughout – king B is right – your following want to hear your take on shows.

I’d just like to voice my support and acknowledge how your podcasts deepen my viewing of shows like this, Westwotld etc – wasn’t here for American Gods (dodged s bullet there) but you have enhanced my enjoyment or west world watchmen true det etc

I’m a middle class straight White Australian man of Maltese descent (and so also a beneficiary of white privilege at the expense of our indigenous peoples) with a curiosity and a desire to learn and broaden my knowledge understanding and ability to empathize. I’m also listening to the hbo cast and so trying to get the fullest experience I can.

When it comes to LCC I’m guess I’m not the audience either but at least I’m trying and isn’t that the point; and to those who would easily dismiss me and my ilk why reject someone genuinely trying to understand the art and where it is coming from – I’m trying to open myself up to the art but we’re not going to get anywhere as a planet if as soon as I ask a question or make an oberservation i am dismissed out of hand.

The sort of criticism I understand you’ve received should be reserved for those who approach the art in bad faith which at least where I sit should preclude you

Please hang in there and keep up the good work and tell the naysayers they can ask for a refund (as if this is pay per view) or they are also free to stop listening and resume when this season of LCC is over.


Reuben from Melbourne Australia (world rona lockdown capital)

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