Kristen Chenoweth Is Magnetic as Ostara

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That episode was epic! It had everything we needed to cap off season one. That was not a cliff-hanger but a momentum builder to roll into season 2!

As a book reader, I appreciate the side roads the show is taking to create filler. For example, Bilquis gets nowhere near this much time in the book but I appreciate knowing her back story. The extra context for Bilquis, Laura and Sweeney gives me a nice epiphany that didn’t come from the book. As usual, Gillian Anderson steals it when she’s on screen but this episode belongs to Kristin Chenoweth!

Anderson and even Ian McShane take back seat to the seductive bubbly charm that is Ostara of the Dawn! As cool as Odin’s reveal was, she stole that scene too! From Shadow’s love struck gaze to her conversation with Laura and Sweeney, her presence was magnetic and I can’t wait to see how the show uses her in season 2. I can’t wait to hear this season’s final confessional. It feels like the last day of school as we go on a short vacation till the next show. Whatever show you guys cover next, count me in. (really pushing for Stranger Things) I know a good team when I hear one.

Keep on shatting.

Coach Markus

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