Is Lorna Bow Working with Brace?

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I am watching one episode ahead, but what I write here does not draw on any of that advance information.

On the topic of Lorna Bow. James found the Playbill in a drawer with her name circled. Could this not have been part of Brace’s research in to finding a suitable decoy wife to split the inheritance with Zilpha to ensure EIT maintains control of the situation? I’m sure he has suitable resources to secure corroborative marriage report form a corrupt Irish Priest. Furthermore, is Brace not in the best position to poison Horace? Could Brace not be the slipperiest of all eels? I hope not, I want to trust him, but isn’t that what a good story teller would want?

I might be (ahem) biting off more than I can chew here, but did James not immediately spit out the Malay’s neck flesh after biting it? If he truly believed in the regenerative power of consumption of the flesh of his combatant, would he not likely have swallowed it, and would not the director have made special note that he had? No, I think it is meant to reinforce a reputation, which he may or may not have earned.

P.S. Who is James Delaney (in Tom Hardy’s mind?)?

Thanks for keeping up the reviews.
I like your Post-reviews, because the voices are limited to two part conversation. Other Podcasts ought to learn that a lot of people screaming over each other to be heard grows weary on the ears.

Bill in Toronto

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